A Security Layer for Smartphone-to-Vehicle Communication over Bluetooth


Andrea Dardanelli, Federico Maggi, Mara Tanelli, Stefano Zanero, Sergio M Savaresi, Roman Kochanek, Thorsten Holz


Embedded Systems Letters (Volume 5, Issue 3), June 2013


Modern vehicles are increasingly being interconnected with computer systems, which collect information both from vehicular sources and Internet services. Unfortunately, this creates a non negligible attack surface, which extends when vehicles are partly operated via smartphones. In this letter, a hierarchically distributed control system architecture which integrates a smartphone with classical embedded systems is presented, and an ad-hoc, end-to-end security layer is designed to demonstrate how a smartphone can interact securely with a modern vehicle without requiring modifications to the existing in-vehicle network. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.


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